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Innovation: Germany’s first Company Builder in industrial biotechnology and chemistry.

Headquarters: Dortmund (BioMedizinZentrum)



Disruption/Innovation: Evolutionary development of microbial production strains for feed & food additives, pharmaceutical proteins (e.g. nanobodies) and pharmaceutical nucleic acids (e.g. mRNA) using patented sensor technology for 1,000-fold faster screening of strain libraries.

Headquarters: Research Centre Jülich

Benefits: New, tailor-made production strains are generated by evolutionary methods, which achieve higher yields (added value) in a shorter time (costs) due to patentable features (right of prohibition / unique selling proposition).



Disruption/Innovation: artificial photosynthesis to produce chemicals from CO2 (greenhouse gas), water and renewable energy using synthetic biology.

Headquarters: Dortmund (Phoenix West) and Max-Planck-Institut Potsdam Golm (Laboratories)

Benefits: a novel raw material (formate) for the biotech industry, cost benefits, new markets for renewable energy and CO2-reduction.



Disruption/Innovation: production of high-value products in plants (innovative production system) with a unprecedented quality.

Headquarters: Dortmund (Phoenix West)

Benefits: longer efficacy due to higher depot effect in applications such as osteoarthritis, dry eye, non-surgical cosmetic procedures, no irritation when injected.



Disruption/Innovation: production of a novel substance (ectoin) and its use in medical devices, cosmetics and veterinary medicine.

Dortmund (Phoenix West)

Benefits: better treatment of allergies, common cold, respiratory disease, dry eye/dry nose or inflammatory skin disease symptoms.



Disruption/Innovation: Novel production system (fermentative) for the production of natural astaxanthin.

Spin-off: Bielefeld University

Benefits: Significantly cheaper production of natural astaxanthin, which is increasingly in demand for use in food, dietary supplements, cosmetics and animal feed.



Disruption/Innovation: 3D bioprinting technology to create complex biological cell culture systems (organ models).

Headquarters: Berlin (Amperium)

Benefits: Fast and precise production of organ models, which enable researchers to discover novel drugs and to engineer functional human tissues.


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